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It's time for a little daddy sex. And Hot Older Male is always serving up a hot helping of daddies. In this scene, businessman Scott Parker gets down on his knees and works over some daddy cock. Parker has Truman pressed up against a post and the two are necking. But it's not long before Parker squats down and fishes out Truman's cock. He hungrily feasts on Truman's meaty dick; and it's the perfect cock for sucking -- just long enough to hit the back of your throat and super fat so it fills your mouth up good. After getting his fill of Parker's mouth, Truman gets his cock sucker down on all fours and prepares his ass for a fucking. He eats out Parker's hole and lubes it up real good. And after fucking him doggy style, Truman lies back on the lounge and lets Parker ride his cock! Daddies can be so lazy sometimes!

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