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Nothing gets me hotter than Cade's big, fat cock. The Corbin Fisher alumni is my favourite stud on the guy-on-guy sex site, and this week he's back fucking another hot piece of ass. Blond-haired Connor is the guy offering up his butt in this hot fuck scene. The fact that Connor gets fucked at all is a miracle: he'd held off doing any guy-on-guy action at all for the longest time, but now he seems to like it. Getting fucked by "The Machine" Cade is almost a rite of passage on Corbin Fisher -- Cade's dick is pretty thick and all the guys groan when they're lined up in a scene with him. When Corbin Fisher asked Connor his he was ready for it, he simply said, "I suppose ... I'll just grit my teeth and go to my happy place." And that must be some happy place because after Connor's ass warmed up to Cade's thick chunk of meat, the blond stud actually sat on Cade's cock and rode it like the proverbial stallion. And after a long and "happy" fuck session, Connor shows his appreciation by taking Cade's load in his mouth -- all over his tongue!

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