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Jeff Wells is an all-purpose bear -- top, bottom, and everything in between --and he's showing off his wares on Hot Older Male this week. This ruggedly handsome bear is bald, wears a full beard, and he's packing a sexy, hairy body. He's paired up with Dan Rhodes, another hot bald man who hails from Australia. And he's looking to put Jeff's fat dick to good use. The two are making out in a secluded garden, swapping blowjobs in the shade. And once Dan gets Jeff's fat dick good and hard, he buries it up his ass. First, he leans over the garden bench and braces himself while Jeff drives hard, opening up Dan's fuck hole. And then, Jeff sits back on the bench and holds up his stiff prick while his tattooed Aussie buddy buries that bear cock deep inside his ass. I love watching men fuck! And these two really know how to do it!

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