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Derek Princeton is 22 years old and he's one of those straight, but not narrow guys. He has a live-in girlfriend, but he still likes to find time to explore sex on the other side. Last time Derek appeared on Circle Jerk Boys, he got his ass fucked by big-dicked Logan Robbins. (See more of Logan fucking here on Gay Demon in Big Dick Fucking.) Trystian joins Derek in the straight guy's second on-camera fuck scene. Boy, straight guys sure have changed since I was 21 -- no jokes please. Trystian and Derek get into swapping blowjobs, and then, as they're both hungry for more dick sucking, they fall into a long, slow 69 cock sucking session. After rimming Derek's butt hole, Trystian lies back and encourages his new-found buddy to sit back on his cock. Derek impales himself carefully, but painfully on Trystian's cock; but after a couple of minutes, he's riding that pony like there's no tomorrow.

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