Our friends at ThugSeduction.net sent over the latest pics from their newest clip, "Ride Out", and we can say with a certain degree of confidence that it rocks! It's a Kawasaki love story (meaning there is a Kawasaki in the clip and I love it) and it stars Drama and John Doe, perhaps one of the best names I've ever heard of for gay porn, any porn for that matter. In fact, I'm pretty sure that anything with Drama is bound to be pretty damn hot because John Doe has a penis that, if it were any longer when erect, would need some sort of, I don't know, crane mechanism to help keep J.D. from falling over and conking his head.

And watching Drama take that weapons-grade monster of a cock in, all the while writhing in celestial pleasure, makes me want to, I don't know, redo my garage (which is what appears to be the case on the set here). And, actually, since we're on that subject, "Ride Out!" has to be the best answer to a gay porn trivia board game ever. For example: Answer: Drywall, a Kawasaki, some sort of makeshift massage table/fuck center, the "Usher" look and some of the hottest sex in gay porn today. Question: What are five good reasons you should check out ThugSeduction.net?

Via: ThugSeduction.net.





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