If the Dallas Cowboys were all big, tough women and the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders were all guys, I'd sure as hell be sharing as many pictures of those cheerleaders with you. In their denim cutoffs, suede vests and kerchiefs around their necks. Blue kerchiefs means ball sucking. Or maybe kerchief sucking. I don't remember.

But being a cowboy isn't just about an outfit. It's an attitude. And a genuine way of life for some. And it's real. If you're super wanting to dabble, check out the gay rodeo circuit, but please go light on the animal cruelty. Just focus on admiring tight denim clad bulges. And flashing your own.

I'm going to guess that the Halloween costume level of cowboyness is not how real cowboys dress. But it sure as hell seems how country singers do. Do not let hipsters tell you they popularized the skinny jean. At most they popularized skinny jeans on stick legs. Cowboys popularized boot cut jeans that looks like skinny jeans because cowboys have muscle. It's from all the line dancing. And line fucking.

Sometimes cowboys keep their hats on when they fuck, and sometimes they take them off. A cowboy doesn't need his hat in order to be cowpoke. Just a cock to poke with. Yeehaw!

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