Ricky "The Hammer" Sinz. Ever hear of him? Well if you've hung around Gay Demon long enough, I'm quite sure you'e familiar with Raging Stallion Studios. Well, Ricky is part of their crew. From this site, it would appear as though Ricky gets around. He is available for all kinds of scenarios. He is both a gay and straight porn stud. He is availabel for modelling and the like. And he also fancies himself the ultimate seduction artist and can tap into our deepest darkest secrets. Perhaps scaring us as much as he turns us on.

Ricky is definitely a good looking man. Heavily tattooed with a torso chiseled from stone, he sports a beautiful cock that always seems to be hard. There is quite a bit to read here so I will leave you with a link in order for you to decide for yourselves whether Ricky will do it for you or not. He does it for me.

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