Ricky Roman does his part for HIV/Aids

AIDS Project New Haven is an organization that provides families and individuals with an array of support and services with those living and affected by HIV/AIDS.

Recently a fundraising event was held offering not only free burgers, but free HIV testing as well. Along with raffles and a painting party, the special guest of the event was gay porn star Ricky Roman.

But this was no ordinary personal appearance for Ricky. To focus more attention to the event, Ricky consented to having his body painted by artist Ricky Mestre. His body wasn't painted only once, but multiple times. After each body painting session, the artwork was imprinted on a canvass. The goal is to auction off those paintings at a later date, with 100% of the proceeds going to AIDS Project New Haven.

To see more photos of Ricky getting painted go to Live Art for AIDS. Photos courtesy of Chris Bosch.

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