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Foot Friends has a special treat in the person of the gorgeous guy Ricky who visits the Foot Friends Spa with a smile and a more than willing nature. Peeling off clothing and baring a bit at a time for us gives us Ricky showing off his feet like offering a display of pure 'lickability'. His toes protrude nicely, a delicious series, all in a row, of suckable and most-inviting members. He seems to be asking for something very close to that, doesn't he? What is additionally cool is seeing that extremely hard uncut cock of his standing out and throbbing like some cock candy every bit as tasty - if not more so - than his sexy toes and feet. Massaging those members - and I do mean ALL of them - looks like a task for someone who wants to groom and please such gorgeous physical treats. Ricky himself looks about as edible as the rest of him. I mean there is nothing not to like in this hot video. This is a nice leisurely look at a sexy fucker, entertaining all and sundry with some gorgeous toes and feet, a rigid and ready uncut dick and a horny style that takes us exactly where we want to go.

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