PerfectGuyz occasionally come across a guy who has that unique spark. Although difficult to articulate, it's best described as a unique combination of sex appeal and personality that together radiate a confident individuality. Rhys is a guy with that special spark. His face is classically handsome and boyish. Rhys' eyes are especially breathtaking - steel blue with a hint of yellow and green. Adding to his appeal, he stands a towering 6'4' and has a slender, smooth body that is graceful and powerful - reminiscent of men depicted in Renaissance art. At the tender age of 20, PerfectGuyz Rhys is aware of his entrance into manhood. He enjoys sex - especially masturbation. And, he has a beautiful 8' cock for the deed.


Rhys is adventurous and daring and says that he 'wants to experience new things'. Excited about the 'new things' to which he refers - I'm sure we will all strongly encourage him! How about letting me suck on that sweet piece of meat to start things off Rhys?


What a doll. This young man could certainly do anything in show business. That face is something out of a dream. Alluring blue eyes, a perfectly sculpted face, and a look like he wants to get naughty. Really naughty.


See what I mean? He sure has a nice European profile to him doesn't he? I'm really starting to garner a liking for Perfect Guyz. Although I usually like my men more on the rough side, I'd have to be out of my mind to not find the guys they feature attractive. Especially when it comes to beauties like Rhys here.

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