Reviews for Brent Corrigan film Truth

Sean Paul Lockhart (aka Brent Corrigan) has been making the transition from gay porn to legit films. After a few cameos and supporting roles, Sean has his first lead role in the independent film 'Truth'. This is a suspense thriller that could be described as a gay version of Fatal Attraction. With shades of Misery thrown in. Sean plays the Glen Close part. While the writer/director of this film, Rob Moretti, plays the Michael Douglas part. There is even someone who plays the Anne Archer part, but to say anymore would give away the story. While the movie itself has gotten not so nice reviews, the notices for Sean are not bad.

Jay Weissberg of Variety writes "the actor's shown a boyishly magnetic charm that suggests a talent for irony and comedy, yet he'll need a strong director and a good, non-exploitative story to prove to the larger world he's more than a pretty package -- not an impossibility."

Frank Scheck of the Hollywood Reporter adds "The frequently unclothed Lockhart, who's better known as gay porn star Brent Corrigan, well fulfills the physical aspects of his role -- this is a film in which the underwear designer rightly gets a credit"

It is kind of ironic he plays a character obsessed with another guy, as Sean has a ferocious fan following that is obsessed with him! The film has opened in New York and other locations. The film is now available for rent or download, while a DVD release is set for March. You can watch the trailer below.

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