retired gay porn stars

Immortal as far as their porn exploits as captured on camera, that is. Nobody can stop me from jacking off to who I want to jack off to, retired or not. But kinda not immortal if it was a forced retirement due to drugs/death, drugs/jail, or, gasp, renouncing porn for religion. Yeah, that last one's for you Jake Genesis.

Oh wait, after his retirement he came back to porn. He's back and forth like Lindsay Lohan (and they earn about the same paycheck). Someone quick make a Lifetime TV movie starring those two called After the Cum Dries.

Sadly, there's no Dancing with Porn Stars, where A-List gay porn stars can try to lay claim to mainstream D-list celebrity status. Unless you count the ex-boy banders who've graced the DWTS stage. Joey Fatone did bear porn in 2007, right? Allegedly.

So what other career options are out there, besides staying in the industry but behind the camera? Francois Sagat has a clothing line and tattoos bald heads in a kiosk a the mall. Or maybe just the clothing line.

Colton Ford has had some minor dance hits (the big one being Signed, Sealed, Delivered featuring Pepper Mashay who really carried the number). And he has a husband, so there's that. Tag Erikkson, as Fredrik Elkund, was on Million Dollar Listing NY for a few episodes, because he's a million dollar realtor. Good looks carry the day.

A few guys have had the unfortunate experience of attempting a career in education after porn. I'm sure some have succeeded with no issue, but at least a couple have lost their jobs due to their porn career backgrounds. Hell, women who've done porn get shamed out of jobs like that all the time. It's only fair that the bias be applied equally to men. In all cases, people should only be judged by their current work performance of course. But confidential to these guys: don't list Gang Bang Bottom in Twink Destruction Party Bus on your resume.

Kurt Wild (aka Calvin Wild and don't you love how the Wild part was part of his real name) has gone on to be a terrible nature photographer. I use the word terrible in jest. A more applicable word may be "unknown" (sorry).

For all, retiring was always part of the plan. Get some porn credits under your belt and up your escorting fee. Or get doing porn out of your system and just move on to a quiet life behind a desk somewhere. For those guys where porn was always a dalliance, a career after is often just a continuation of the career before. Landscaper. Construction worker. Fireman. Penis model. Oh wait, that last one kind of veers into porn again. See it sucks you right back in.

The pinnacle of porn retirement would be renaissance man Aiden Shaw. No, not the character on Sex and the City, the porn actor. And he's done it all in his retirement, a real cultural superhero. Except daddy porn. Yeah, I want to see that white beard in action. What's it going to take, Aiden?

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