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Riley Vlcek is a restroom whore; he loves cruising the public washrooms looking for dick to suck. Well today is his lucky day, or unlucky, depending upon how you look at it. Vlcek is on his knees in one of the toilet stalls and he's sucking a juicy fat, uncut cock. When a gang of men arrive in the washroom, Vlcek tries to remain quiet, but he's eventually discovered.

They drag him out of the toilet and start pulling out their cocks. If he wants dick to suck, he's going to get plenty of it. They tie this piss slave up and start streaming all over him. Then they force him to suck their cocks and Vlcek isn't complaining. He even sucks three men at the same time.

Naked and tied up, Vlcek is forced to kneel with his head in the urinal. And then he's suspended from the ceiling and gets his ass fucked by Josh West. Josh has a huge cock, so this isn't going easy for Vlcek. He's thrown back into the gloryhole toilet stall and he services two big cocks, one through each of the two gloryholes. Man after man takes his turn stuffing his dick through the gloryholes either fucking this guy's mouth or ass. For the finale, Vlcek is dragged back out onto the restroom floor where Nick Morelli and Josh West spitroast this washroom troll. As each of this gang of men unloads their spunk all over him, Vlcek yells, "Thank you for your cum, Sir!" Head over to Bound in Public and watch the free preview video.

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