Mike Hope is a Republican State Representative in Washington. He's also a muscle daddy. Or tries to look like one in his new IMDB profile, not necessarily expressing such an identity in his private life. In fact, pretty damn sure not expressing it. But he fooled me, because he's an actor, remember!?

I am not eroticizing the Republican thing. I am not even eroticizing the actor thing. But I am pointing out his chest. And his suit fetish ready attire. And his abs. As for his stance on gay issues, I guess I could look it up but Washington state already passed marriage equality, so he can't do much harm. Besides, he's too busy at the gym.

Still, he's got the whole Arnold Schwarzenegger thing backwards. It's movies first, then politics.

And what's his upcoming role? Officer O'Connor in Vampire Soul: Hidden in Plain Sight. Get the Oscar ready now. Or the lube. Whichever.

mike hope

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