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Singing and dancing hookers!? What will they think of next!? Rent Boy: The Musical is currently up and running at the Richmond Shepard Theatre (309 E. 26th Street) in New York City, and we even had a sneak peek at one of the numbers at last weekend's Hookie Awards. Playwright David Leddick introduced the cast of the new musical that celebrates escorts and the johns who support them. The show, which had a previous production in Fort Lauderdale, now takes place at the Hookie Awards, where a group of marketable young men share their wild and wacky tales of selling their (hard) wares. There are 14 songs, for which Leddick, who is 83 years old, wrote the lyrics and Andrew Sargent contributed the music. The script is actually based on Leddick's own 2011 nonfiction book, Escort: 40 Profiles With Photographs of Men Who Sell Sex. For the faint of heart, the show from director David Kingery comes with a warning: "Contains strong language, sexual content and some nudity." We're not sure which actor from the no-name cast (pictured above) we'd actually want to see naked, so maybe they all better strip! Rent Boy: The Musical runs through March 31. For more information, visit

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