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And by fuck I mean pay strictly for the guy's time on an hourly basis and then do whatever you two (or more) consenting adults agree to do during that time which is definitely not to fuck. You can talk about fucking though. Or politics. Or the politics of fucking. Or you guys can thrust, pump, receive, moan, grunt, squeal and clean up after for no reason in particular.

So now that I've gotten that disclaimer out of the way, let's see some of the gay porn stars you can find on to, you know, not fuck or anything.

The site doesn't have a "gay porn star" filter but it does have a handy text search and entering porn star will find you what you're looking for, as well as a few extra guys who for some reason feel the need to pepper their profiles with things like "I'm not a porn star, but I look like one." Thanks for sharing! What else are you not? A hat maker?

Mitch Branson (top row) is a "porn star without the attitude" who will offer you the boyfriend experience. Two hour dinner capped by a goodnight kiss. Um, that better involve a trip to the bathroom together! He also offers the "erotic experience" for guys of all shapes and sizes. In related news, 5'11", 189 pounds with 2% body fat is a thing now.

2014 Hookies double award winner Leo Forte (2nd row) will meet all your BDSM needs. His self-proclaimed "big muscle butt" should come in handy too. He describes his hair color as "shaved" which I didn't know was a color.

Shane Frost (3rd row) does his in calls at Steamworks and his hourly rate includes his admission. Can't porn stars get into Steamworks for free? He's available 24/7 which is handy when you're looking for vanilla, fisting, water sports and/or scat at 4 a.m. Hey, it's in his his profile!

Kurtis Wolfe (last row) is a self-proclaimed passionate and dominant top who always practices safe sex. And who likes to pose with his hands behind his head. Out calls only so it wouldn't hurt you clean up a little before he gets there. Like you did for that Architectural Digest shoot on the apartments of johns.

Here are a few others: Damien Cross, Nick Sterling, Jason Sparks and Jeremy Walker.

If you include guys with just massage listings, you get a few more porn gents to pick from, and of course all of this is dependent on location, unless you can afford to pay for travel. There are a bunch of "porn star" Euro and South American guys too, but I couldn't confirm their porn credentials so if you want a guy who's really been in a porn flick vs. who just claims to have been, do your research. As with meeting anyone off the net, use your smarts. And as with a restaurant, tip your server!

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