Ross Hurston stands proudly in his custom-made leathers, doing what he does best - satisfying his own insatiable man hole. He's using the transparent dildo, banging away at his G-spot and stroking his uncut cock until he's spilling a hot load over his tight, toned abs. Ross is the stuff us leather lovers dream about - muscled, hung, a bit hairy, and he wears chaps and a leather cap better than the majority of men out there. UK Naked Men are so versatile it's just amazing. They're always suprising us and cumming up with new ways to get us off. Kudos to them I say!


If I saw this guy on the street I'd swear he was a top, but hey, you just never know do you? I'm sure if you begged him to fuck your ass he'd no doubt fold after you sucked his luscious for a while until the tempations just got too much.


What a view! The red light in the background is the perfect touch for this shot. Reminds me of the old days when leather porn first got out in the 70's. Yeah, ok I'm kinda old but I know what I like and I'm loving the retro vibe ol' Ross is bring about here.


A little nipple pinch and a raunchy look. Hmmm...man this guy is hot. UK Naked Men have moved up several notches on the porn ladder for me now. If they keep it up I may just become a full-fledged addict, pack everything I can into a suitcase and head on over to the UK. If the guys are all this hot over there then hell I'd even swim if I had to.

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