Remember the days when there were porn stars? I'm not talking your everyday average jerk-boy. I'm talking dudes with huge dicks, great bodies, and sizzling screen presence. These were men who were known by name as well as their measurements, and they made top dollar at the time because everybody wanted them in their productions. Let's take a moment to remember some of the greats (in my humble opinion, of course). The sad part is that most of these legends are no longer working and, in some cases, no longer living, but we have a vast library of cocksmanship history to remember them by..


Chad epitomized the tight-bodied jock bottom boy, usually bulging out of his jockstrap and screaming "fuck yeah" every 10 seconds. Chad had solid screen presence, a hot snarl, and one of the hungriest buttholes of the day. When you were watching '90s porn and you wanted to see a hot fuck scene, you could always count on Chad to grunt and groan and scream like the best of 'em.


Jeff (who also appeared in bi-sexual vids) was what I would classify as the Elvis of gay porn. His face was just so damn pretty with those mesmerizing eyes and pouty lips, and he was one of the pioneers of using the phrase "yeah suck that dick". He was supremely masculine, muscular and straight in manner, and I doubt there was a homo on the planet who wouldn't have dropped their drawers for him. He had a magnetism and sizzling manliness that really and truly is incomparable to any of his peers.


I fell in love with Karl in 1989's Brother Trouble and its sequel. He was one of the hottest stars of '90s porn with his tall, lean and lanky body and beautiful long penis. His physique was so stunning, especially when he folded himself over and sucked his own dick! There's probably well over a hundred screen performances from Karl, some of them better than others, but always stimulating. From head to toe, this boy was pure dynamite. Check him out in vids like Selfsucking Soldiers, Scorcher, Auto Fellatio 1, and several Robert Prion productions.


Dallas was an unusual attraction for me in that, by general standards, I didn't find him the least bit attractive. Sure, he was blonde and super muscular, but his face was always red and splotchy and just kinda...blecch. However, I always thought he had one of the sexiest cockheads in porn. Every time I saw him getting blown, I was hooked. I think he also won me over because he was very, very sensual, had high energy, and his cum shots were always really impressive (and often squirted to the ceiling!). Boys today would probably find Dallas as attractive as a poodle's ass, but when I was younger, I wanted his hammer in my toolbox, let me tell ya.

Stay tuned for more reflections on the stars in the near future...



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