Remember the days when there were porn stars? I'm not talking your everyday average jerk-boy. I'm talking dudes with huge dicks, great bodies, and sizzling screen presence. These were men who were known by name as well as their measurements, and they made top dollar at the time because everybody wanted them in their productions. Even in today's amateur-based porn world, there are still stars in some sense who are in demand and recognizable, but the height of the pedestals that such stars were once put upon is simply not as lofty as it once was. Let's take a moment to remember some of the greats (in my humble opinion, of course). The sad part is that most of these legends are no longer working and, in some cases, no longer living, but we have a vast library of cocksmanship history to remember them by..


BJ has always been one of my favorites for a variety of reasons. You may remember him from the '90s from such hits like Big as They Come, A Few Fresh Men, Dirty Pictures and dozens upon dozens of others. BJ had a cock like no other. It was gigantic with one of the most bulbous and large helmet-heads ever recorded on video. Even beyond that, BJ possessed a limitless masculine, sensual and animal sex appeal. He could make ya purr like a kitty just by snarling his lips at ya and raising an eyebrow. He was someone who always, always delivered the goods and looked incredible from any angle. I miss him.


Scott was from the golden age of porn-on-film in the '80s. By today's standards, I suspect many would not find Scott all that hot. He was average-looking I suppose, but he had an erotic quality about him that was unmatched. He also had one of the biggest dongs in history and was an accomplished selfsucker which soon became his signature act. In such film classics as Rough Cut, Strange Places and Strange Things, Flashback and more, he defined what the word stud is all about and he's still hot as hell today when looking back upon his great performances. I miss him, too.


People from my generation (born in 1971) who were teenagers in the '80s and early '90s probably remember Joey rather well. He was one of the most popular and recognizable faces of that era, and he was also one of the busiest performers in the industry. Joey was an immensely sexy Italian boy with a smokin' hot tanned body and perky thick piece of meat. He had a sultry, naughty-boy attitude that always worked to his advantage, and he was one of the hottest bottoms who ever got fucked! Sadly, Joey died of AIDS some time ago, but he left behind a vast body of work. Some of you may even remember that he appeared in some photos of Madonna's famously controversial book from the '90s simply entitled Sex. Joey was a gem.


He's had a few names, but Nick Jerrett was what he used most frequently. Like Scott Taylor, Nick was a big star of early '80s porn on film, and man oh man was he a hottie. He was a gorgeous blonde with a skinny twink body, amazing eyes, and a ridiculously long picture-perfect dick. In such classics as Gold Rush Boys and The Summer of Scott Noll, Nick dazzled us with his amazing penis and his painfully beautiful facial expressions of ecstasy. I would have chopped off a finger for a night with that boy. We all would have back then!

Stay tuned for more reflections on the stars in the near future. If you're not familiar with these names, I recommend that you do some research in some porn star directories to locate them and check out some of their work. And if you are familiar with them and I've ignited your erotic memories, now you have a reason to go back and revisit some of the best of the best. Get on it!



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