There'll probably be a point at which you ask me: But why, why is a shirtless Reese Rideout using a demonstration of a piece of exercise equipment he got for Christmas called the 'Shake Weight' as a segue to a new movie production company he, his brothers and a friend started called WaterhouseDent? (Or, why Reese is speaking to us like a classroom full of English-as-a-Second-Language students?) Answer? Who cares.

The important thing to know is that he has and they've released their first trailer for their first picture, "Happy Birthday," a horror film about I-don't-know-what but there was the licking of bloody knives and cake in the trailer so who knows? This could the next "Psycho" or the next "The Swarm," a 1978 movie starring a super-hot 40s-ish Michael Caine determined to save a panicked citizenry under siege by a swarm of angry bees. Or wasps. Or both even, maybe. What isn't scary, however, is the obvious fun Reese and his extended family seem to be having in launching this new venture.

Also, if and when you visit their site at, you'll notice four floating heads on their homepage. (Do not panic; no heads were harmed in the making of this website.) They also belong to Reese, his two brothers and the friend I spoke of earlier. And wherever your opinions take you on the cinematic quality of "Happy Birthday," rest assured there will most certainly be a general consensus on the painfully conclusive results that DNA is history. In other words, Reese's brothers are hawt! (And his friend ain't none too shabby, either.)

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