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Well, well, well, say hello to gay porn's latest cum connoisseur: Reese Rideout. "What? When? Who? How?", you ask? Well, after his appearance in the reality show "I'm Married To A..." where we got to see his wife Becky so in denial of Reese's HOMO-HEAT that she might as well have been blind, deaf and dumb, Reese has taken the plunge and is now licking cum!

Yes, Rideout is back at Randy Blue doing what he does best (and apparently what he does ONLY for money), but this time he takes it that little bit further and near the end of the promo clip (below) we see him licking the cum off of his scene partner Josh Connor's face! Now, I wonder how his wife feels about all of this cum-guzzling. Does she approve? Does she even know? Yes, my gays... so many questions but soo very few answers!

I guess this means that Reese is doing "harder" gay porn, and I'm sure he must have cleared it with his wife, Becky. I mean, just think of what great Thanksgiving and Christmas stories this will make for the family! Can you say AWKWARD!!

Here's the clip you've been waiting for, so now I will just shut the fuck up. ENJOY!

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