Reel Gay is the next generation epoch-breaking multi media organ of Manmade Media Incorporated. Founded by Michael Manuel in 1994, "Manmade" was originally an entertainment news organization, with press credentials now international and respected by diverse entities like the LA Police and the National Press Club in Washington, DC. What it has evolved into, however, is something else entirely. Complete with huge insider looks at Hollywood and the celebrity world and the arts in general, this group has produced many entertainments on their own, with a budget to triple itself in the upcoming year. This is the source of the nation's first gay TV channel, for example. The emerging gay entertainment industry is getting progressively larger as a result of the tireless work of this organization and the results are impressive as hell. Televising the Gay Olympic Games in San Fransisco, doing spots at celebrity events such as the Oscars, the professionalism and rich body of work suggests a legitimate alternative entertainment complex oriented to a gay audience, if not far wider. Politically critical and hard hitting in its direct shots and observations regarding current events, the entirety of the enterprise is refreshing and hopeful. And growing! Reel Gay is the representative effort of the entire group's direction. It is simply loaded.

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