Rednecks And Rebels

Rednecks And Rebels offers white trash dudes, blue collar guys, country boys, dirty dudes - you get the picture? And you'll really dig the pictures at this special blog. There's something horny about these rough and yet ready guys, half-shaved around the strong jaw, half in and out of the denims and checked shirts, looking kind of farmhand-ish and school-bully-like and yet so darn hot. All you need to is scroll down the page and then click back through the archives to get photo after photo of horny and slightly dangerous looking guy; smoking, posing naked, jerking off (occasionally) or just glaring at the camera like he don't know what one is. You can also see who else is following and follow them so there's a kind of 'we love rednecks' networking activity going on. But for me it was just the fact that these guys, who are probably homophobic and who I know I would hate, are so horny to get off with. I fancy that your imagination will be as fueled as their pickup trucks.

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