reese fucks rudy

Newcomer Reece did his first jerk-off video for Corbin Fisher a couple of weeks back. Reese is a fitness buff and has a larger-than-life personality. As a typical redhead, Reese's tight, athletic body is splattered with freckles. And we already know from his solo session that he's a far shooter - his cumshot blasted up onto his chest!

Rudy is one of the Corbin Fisher alumni and he's going to bottom for Reese's first fuck scene. (I do wish someone would grab Rudy and give the guy a proper haircut, he looks like a dork!) Rudy gets right into Reese licking and kissing his strong, muscled body. He sucks Reese's cock and the guys continue by swapping blowjobs. And both these guys like having their balls sucked. Reese is really into Rudy's cock and takes his time giving him a long, slow blowjob.

When Reece slides his cock into Rudy's ass. Rudy yelps, "It's so big," (It's not really, it's only 7 inches, but I guess to a straight guy seven inches might as well be a foot.) Reese warms up Rudy slowly bringing him to the point where he's begging Reese to drill him harder and deeper. In the finale, the guys are fucking missionary style and Reese's pumping has Rudy so turned on that he explodes all over his chest and stomach. Then Reese pulls out and adds his spray to Rudy's cum-soaked torso. And this was this redhead's first time fucking a guy ... not bad.

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