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Ram Itin is another one of those redheads I was talking about in my last post, Redhead Gets His Dick Sucked. He's the second redhead I bumped into this week. Ram Itin has never done a porn shoot before, but he's a natural. I'm betting that huge uncut cock of his makes him pretty popular. Ram likes both boys and girls, and with that massive uncut cock, I'm sure he pleases all comers. I wonder if that's how he got the name Ram. Although I'm pretty sure with a cock that big, he can't ram too hard: there are few men or women out there that could take a hard and deep fucking from a big cock like that. This sexy redhead strips naked and gets his big uncut cock hard relatively quickly. Then he starts peeling back his foreskin and reveals a little surprise - a Prince Albert piercing. He moons the camera and teases us with his perfectly smooth butt hole. It's a delicious sight and hopefully UK Naked Men will let us see some hot stud sliding his cock into that fuck hole. But for now, head over to UK Naked Men and check out Ram's massive cock and watch him playing with his foreskin.

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