You know what kind of guy I can just never get enough of? Redheads - especially with freckles. I guess Dirty Tony feels the same way, because Patrick caught Tony's eye right off. Maybe it was his red hair or his eyes that have a sexy twinkle, or the way he filled out the blue t-shirt he was wearing. So when Tony saw Patrick coming out of the firestation by the studio, he started up a conversation and after they had been talking for a while, Tony mentioned that he produced porn.

Patrick was immediately very interested and wanted to do a shoot, and Tony couldn't wait to see this hot fireman undress so he could check out his hose! And when Patrick got undressed, he wasn't even a bit shy.


There's that twinkle I told you about. Patrick really had a great time showing off his ass, that that mischievous look shows just how much he likes to tease.


Patrick also liked showing off his cock. In fact, he got hard even thinking about jacking off in front of the camera, and once he got going, his hose was nice and thick and he stayed hard, too! Gotta love those redheads - especially when one of them has his fat cock in his hand!


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