Trey and Blu are a couple of guys getting it on at Jake Cruise this week. Trey is the well-built muscle guy and Blue is the slender, firey redhead. After the introductions they get right into it, kissing and rubbing one another's bodies. And after they strip naked they really get down to business. I have to say right off the top that I love the contrast of these two guys. Trey is very muscular and tanned, but Blu is slender and his skin is pale white, just like most redheads. It's kind of sexy watching these two totally different bodies mingling. Their main prop is a wooden coffee table where they're getting it on. Blu lies across the table on his back and Try fucks his mouth with his curved cock. Then Trey climbs on top of the redhead and they suck 69 style. Trey does a very nice job of sucking Blu's curved cock. Yeah, they both have curved wangs. After eating out Trey's ass, the young redhead bends over the couch and takes some muscle cock up his ass. Atfer fucking him hard for a few minutes, they move back to the coffee table where the redhead bounces up and down hard on Trey's cock, eventually jacking off a load all over Trey's hard pecs. These two guys were really into one another, and it shows.

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