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Every since I saw these two redhead bears on Pantheon Bear, I've been dying to watch them fuck. Over the past few weeks, Pantheon Bear has been teasing us with a photo set featuring each ginger man. I know they were going to fuck because the site mentioned it. Tease, tease, tease ... I was going crazy because I have a thing for redheads, and of course, bald men and body hair are a no brainer here. Put them all together and my dick is hard and ready for a good pumping session.

Big ginger bear Rusty G was the first one of these bald guys to show up on the site. He's a really hot man - cute with a devilish smile - and this 38-year-old loves showing off for an audience. Standing 6 feet and weighing a pretty solid 245 pounds, this furry redhead bear couldn't wait for us to watch him take a hard cock up his beefy ass.

Enter Kirby; this bald and bearded redhead man is the lucky dude that gets to fuck Rusty's ass. And seeing Kirby's huge cock head, Rusty can't wait to feel that plunging into his hungry fuck hole.So finally the wait is over and these two ginger bears are rolling around on the bed. Rusty gets fucked doggy style at first and this gives us a chance to check out his huge ass, but to shoot his cum load, Rusty rides that big-nobbed dick and jerks off all over Kirby. I have to say, as frustrating as it was, this was worth the wait.

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