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Some mornings I'm all revved up and ready to go, other days I fiddle around and have a hard time getting things going. This morning I woke up to find this sexy redheaded fucker in my inbox and he got me all charged up. I know it's funny to call him a redhead when he's completely bald, but look at that beard - it's fiery red, can there be any doubt this man was a ginger when he had hair? And if there is, well, his name is Rusty, so there you go.

Rusty is a recent hot, furry offering over at Pantheon Bear. He's 38, stands 6 feet tall, and weighs in at 245 pounds. Wow! That's one hunk of bear. He's wearing a lot of ink on his solid body, and both his chest and belly are covered in hair. And check out his pubes, this redhead man has a fiery, red bush, and there's a lot of it.

Rusty is sporting a bit of mushroom head cock and he really loves getting his ass fucked. I don't have any pictures, but Pantheon Bear has uploaded a video called Cum Swapping Cousins where Rusty gets his ass porked by another ginger bear named Kirby, who is a full five inches shorter than Rusty. And Kirby has a super fat cock. Fuck me! This is turning out to be one hot day, I'm glad I got out of bed. Now I'm off to check out these two redheaded men and watch them fuck.

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