More Red Hot Gingers via Eurocreme More Red Hot Gingers via Eurocreme

It looks like Thomas Knights' crusade to make gingers hot in the industry is working! Last week, we told you about the Red Hot 100 book and exhibition from the talented British photographer. Now, Eurocreme is weighing in with its own Red Hot Ginger Men. The new release includes five scenes (three duos and two solos) starring sexy fair-skinned models, complete with freckles and a perfect blaze of red hair. Don't forget those fiery pubes, too! The studio says that the collection offers "the best of the reds." And they ain't talking about wine! "Not even gallons of their own spunk can dampen the fire!" Young jackers Charlie Ford (top photo) and Mark Snow (second photo) are featured, along with Adam Herst, Andro Moss and Saxon West (pictured after the jump). For more info, visit Eurocreme.

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