AJ is 21 years old with a lean, athletic build. He's a senior in college, and he's naturally curious about all sorts of things, including what it would be like to do porn. Darren is 20 years old and in shape, and he's also very flexible. When College Dudes 24/7 put these two together, neither Darren and AJ have never done a fuck video before, and maybe that explains why they have such a fucking great time. Instead of worrying about how they look for the camera, these two just get into what feels good and how they can make the other guy feel good, too.

The guys started out having a good time. They got a long great, and they were smiling from the second they hooked up. Both have a hint of mischief lurking in their eyes that soon turns to unbridled lust.


AJ goes for a ride with his balls in Darren's face. Darren uses his lips and tongue to tease AJ's balls till they're both hard, horny and and they forget there's even a camera or camera man in the room with them.


And once Darren and AJ have done everything they can think of to each other, and they're both throbbing with the need to get off, Darren can't hold back any longer and shoots his load all over AJ's face and chest!


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