There is an ever-growing number of porn sites out there that claim that the situations in their videos are real, almost like sex documentaries. Just like television documentaries, these reality porn sites claim to show us people in real situations.

The first gay reality site I ever saw was Bait Bus. A girl, a guy and a camera guy go out in a van. The chick lures guys on the street to have sex with her in the van, then they blindfold him and he gets sucked by (you guessed it!) a guy. This was actually a variation on a very popular straight site, Bang Bus. A bus themed site had guys in a site called Cruise Patrol offering guys rides, then pulling over and having sex with them. I enjoy these sites but I suspect that if a couple of us drove around in a van picking guys up on the street, the results would be very different than the cum-splattering finales we see in these sites.

Some sites, like His First Huge Cock, show supposedly unsuspecting guys who get picked up off the street on some pretext. A lot of the videos on His First Huge Cock show the cast approaching some guy on the street and offering to pay them to take a short survey. As you can probably guess, the guy who takes the survey gets just a little more than a survey. Is it real? I'd guess probably not, but the videos sure are fun to watch.

Then there are sites like Broke Straight Boys who say they have an ad running in the paper for models. When they hear from straight boys, they have them come down and work them up to trying gay sex. This does seem more plausible than the other sites, although a little less adventurous. Are the guys really straight? They seem to be, actually, although on some "straight guy" sites I've seen, they don't. I like this kind of reality site because the guys seem like the real thing.

Gay Blind Date Sex is different kind of reality site. We get to meet 2 guys on video, and hear a little about what they're looking for in a date and in a man. Then they are introduced on video, go out on a date (with the camera still rolling) and end up in bed together after having time to develop some rapport. Whether it's for real or not, this site feels the most like a TV reality show because we get to know the guys first and then see them put into a situation. I like this kind of reality site and hope to see more like it.

Is any of what we see in these sites real? Some seem more real than others and really do create a hot fantasy. One thing is for sure, though - these reality sites add a great twist to online porn!

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