Reality Male

There is reality, and then there is 'reality' - and Reality Male goes for the latter, the really real. This chap, or chapess, has set out to find clips and pics from reality TV shows where you get to see everything, so this is not the other kind of reality, the made up sort. This is the real thing.

Now then, when Big Brother started all those years ago I was a bit hooked. But in the UK, where I was at the time, there was never any nudity, or if there was it was all fuzzed out and so a bit disappointing. But it seems that other countries in the world are a lot more liberated, and bless them for being so! Running through this image-led blog I found naked nobs from Norway and gorgeous German gonads on show along with all kinds of other nude photos ripped from TV shows from around the world. A strange thing: although the blog stays with the naked male, it also gives you 'bonuses' of straight sex from porn movies. I guess the idea is that we're voyeuring in on some hot straight totty, so we're looking at naked straight men in the reality pics, and then real straight men in the made-up porn movies. Either way you get a neat set of voyeuristic pics from shows you might otherwise miss.

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