Gay Pride is nice, in fact it feels good to know that if we want to get out and celebrate who we are, we can. Not like one can do that in places like Iran, and frankly there are still places in the States I am not too sure about, but in Western Society, we can.

That does mean something, but is it enough?

For example, is Gay Pride about celebrating our lifestyle, or is it about flaunting our sexuality? Do we deliberately make it more flamboyant than it needs be, simply to express or accentuate the differences between a straight person and a homosexual?

In Toronto the Canadian Armed Forces actually had a contingent marching in the Parade. Not something you will see in the immediate future in the United States, which is a shame. Now that demonstration is important, in my mind. More than having some guy in drag on a float, being announced as the Parade Queen or such.

While it is important to note the differences, it should be just as important to accentuate that we are not a threat, that we are not some evil monster, as the Religious Right portray us as. Things like having the Armed Forces march along, of having clean cut guys and girls in the parade, is as vital as having the guys walking around in Speedos.

By themselves, they aren't as important, but as a whole, it shows the Straight World that we are as varied as any culture is. I mean we have something in common, like any other ethnic minority does, and it is that which we must promote, must show to the world.

Gays have the same sense of duty to a country as any other group does. Why should we be ashamed of that, just as there are those in our community that are Peace Activists, Corporate Executives, and yes, ditch diggers too. We should be using Gay Pride to show that, to not flaunt just our sexuality, though we need that too.

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