If you are old like me, you might remember the old Memorex tape commercial. The one where they'd play a singer, who hits the high notes, and cracks a glass. Then they'd ask:

Was it Live or Memorex?

Today, television is inundated with reality shows, about everything imaginable. From singers, to dancers, to world globe races, and everything in between. Started off with Survivor, which is one show I never could get into.

Then too, are they real?

I mean you have all the hype for shows like Survivor or American Idol, but are they truly reality shows? I mean come on, people on an island, starving, shivering at night but no one gets a cold, no one drools or anything, so just how real are they?

Or how about Big Brother that always seems to have a 'gay' character in it, or lately even American Idol that has a flamer or such, and I wonder, is it because they are that good, or is it because the producers are simply filling out a cast to draw in as many viewers as possible. I mean have you ever noticed how they generally go from your top twenty, evenly split among guys and gals, to the top ten, again usually evenly split among the genders?

Then you have the Porn sites jumping on that bandwagon, or maybe helping it along with the so called reality sites like 'His First Date' or 'Boy Next Door' stuff. Then you pay your pound of flesh to get inside, and tell me, you really think those two were on a real first date?

Of course my favorite is the 'straight for pay' type sites. Like do they really expect me to believe that a straight guy will bend over, take a dick up his ass, for a few hundred bucks? And to top it off, have it posted on the Internet?

Mind you, the worse ones are where you get this guy coming in front of the camera, saying he's straight as an arrow, but has that look. You know, where he sticks his hip out, and puts his hand on it, and stares at the camera with his eyelashes fluttering. Like yeah, he is real straight, as he proceeds to know just how to use that dildo, how easily it slips up inside his ass, and yeah, he is straight as an arrow, NOT.

Yet we pay a ton of cash for these sites, and more keep coming along, so it makes me wonder, what is it about reality sites that makes us cough up the cash? I mean many of them really are just rehashed photos or videos of porn stars, though I will agree, some do look real. Now those I don't mind paying for, because real or not, they do make you think they are. So that's cool, but have we gotten over saturated by the other kind of reality site, the other kind of 'straight for gay' sites?

As more people stay at home, as more people are forced to come up with cheap alternatives to the movies, I wonder if the adult industry isn't missing out? I mean why can't they just come up with some honest stuff, that is really the boy next door, or a guy on his real first gay date? Why do they keep on using scripted old stuff, calling it something different, then selling it as new?

By the way, I did try that Memorex test, to see if live was the same as the recorded thing. Never broke any glasses, but then I never brought in some fat opera singer to do it live either.

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