real men for real men

There are heaps of blogs out there featuring naked men. But in a sea of thousands of sites, it's hard to find something new and different. I stumbled across Real Men for Real Men while I was cruising Best Male Blogs. Real Men for Real Men has exactly what it claims in the title, real, masculine men. And there are all types of guys here from college wrestlers to forty-something hairy men. The owner of this blog tends to have a thing for guys in wrestling singlets or other types of spandex apparel, so you're going to be treated to heaps of photos of guys bulging large in their tight-fitting shorts. There's quite a bit of nudity on this blog, too, but most of the guys are barechested and tenting in their shorts. And I find that a whole lot hotter. There's even quite a few "peek" shots where unknowing men have slipped out of their shorts at the beach and some passerby has snapped a photo. I don't know where this guy gets his photos because these aren't professional gay porn pics, but I know you're going to enjoy cruising through them.

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