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Mike Rivers is no stranger to Naked Kombat, he's wrestled three previous times on the gay wrestling site. He's lost two matches and won one, so he's gotten his ass fucked on the mats twice.

But this wrestling match is a little different because this time Mike Rivers is wrestling with his real-life partner, Alexander. Standing 5' 11" and weighing 170 pounds, Alexander is a little taller and heavier than Mike who only stands 5' 8", and Alexander's got 10 pounds on his lover.

Mike does well against his partner and he actually wins the match, which means that he's going to get to fuck his lover on the mats. But it doesn't always work out that way at Naked Kombat. The winner doesn't always have to fuck the loser's ass (I didn't know that until now) - the winner has a choice. And Mike Rivers chooses to get down on all fours and let his lover fuck his ass. And Alexander thanks him by giving him one, hard, aggressive butt fucking. Almost as if to teach him a lesson for humiliating him on the mats.

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