Real-Life Lovers Share a Bottom Real-Life Lovers Share a Bottom

I always like watching real-life lovers fucking on video, I guess what turns me on most about it is that I think it gives us a look at how things look in their bedroom. But does it really? Joe Gunn and Geoffrey Paine are the lovers in this Alpha Males scene and they're spit roasting Hans Berlin.

The truth is that what we see on video is almost always pure fantasy, usually some director's idea of how the scene should go. I've watched both Geoffrey and Joe bottom and top for each other, but I still don't get a real sense of who is more dominant in their bedroom. I've seen plenty of real-life raging bottoms cast exclusive in top roles in video -- what a disappointment that must be for real-life hook-ups -- so you never really know how these couples really go at it off the screen.

Still, it's fun thinking about being Hans Berlin with Geoffrey's big dick plunging down your throat and Joe's uncut meat pumping your hole, or the reverse when the men flip around. And watching them both taking turns on this hunky bottom really fuels my own fantasies. I like both men, they're similar in some way, but very different in others, and they have different fucking styles. Keeps the imagination churning with the possibilities, doesn't it.

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