Real Life Gay Couple

The production company of Hot Older Male, Pantheon Productions, has a line of DVDs called Real Couples. And I really like them a lot. The series takes an intimate look at how real couples do it when they're alone. Gay pornstar sex is hot, too, but most of us don't fuck like that, so this look into the real sex lives of gay men is pretty hot in my books. This week Hot Older Male gave us a preview of one of the couples from their latest release, Real Couples 4. Conrad Morales and Lee Rivers hooked up with the Hot Older Male gang at the Folsom Street Fair this fall in San Francisco. Conrad is a bald, silver-bearded, 60-year-old who is paired up with his 40-year-old boy. (Only in the gay world can a 40-year-old man still be called a boy!) These two older men obviously still enjoy one another very much and it's hot watching them slobber all over one another's cocks. When they're done doing one another, long-haired Lee gets down on all fours and offers up his ass for a hard fuck.

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