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I'm Butch Dixon. You may have seen my website packed with hairy, masculine men. But maybe you haven't. I've been a fan of Gay Demon for a lot of years. It's a great place to find out what's happening in the big world of online gay porn, it's nicely designed, and it's easy to use. I was talking to my buddy at GayDemon over the holidays and suggested that I might like to do some guest blogging over here. Bring you guys some of the behind-the-scenes stuff that happens when you run a gay porn site. Bjorn loved the idea, so here I am. Before I jump in, if you have any questions, special requests, or anything you've been dying to know about Butch Dixon, bear porn, or hairy men in general, throw them up in the comments and I'll try and keep up.

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When I started filming gay porn I learned one thing pretty quickly: You have to be ready for anything. I've been left twiddling my thumbs waiting for models who have either been late or just not shown up at all; sometimes cocks don't get hard like they're supposed, and other times they're just a little too excited and bring a film shoot to a full and creamy stop.

This ready-for-anything lesson thrust itself upon me recently when I was getting ready to film a threesome-sex scene between Alan Knight, John Connery, and Brock Hart. Alan and John are a real-life couple who I've filmed a number of times for Butch Dixon. They're two hot and hairy Scottish men with big, uncut cocks. They also both prefer to top, so there's a lot of give and take in the bedroom.

Brock Hart is a beefy, American man who contacted me recently about appearing on Butch Dixon. I'd seen him around on a couple of other sites like Bear Films and Men Over 30, where he's actually appeared a few times with his real-life partner Dane Hyde. (Why Brock wasn't bringing Dane Hyde on this trip escapes me, but a horny foursome with Brock, Dane, Alan, and John is definitely something I'd like to film.)

So I arranged for Brock to join Alan and John in the studio, but on the day of the shoot, Brock's plane was cancelled. He was stuck in some far-off, European city and I had two horny, hairy men already en route to my studio. This is the kind of stuff that drives a producer crazy. Time is money. I've got two models who have cleared their day to do a porn shoot, they expect to be paid. And so they should. I called around to my stable of regulars, but London was a ghost town. I couldn't find anyone.

I was definitely going to film John and Alan doing something, but I'd already featured them a couple of times on Butch Dixon, so I didn't want to do just another suck and fuck session. I spied a Fleshjack sitting on my shelf alongside a nice-sized dildo. And these toys turned a threesome-gone-wrong into a foursome. John plunges the dildo to the glass desktop and lowered himself onto it while Alan slobbered all over John's big-nobbed cock.

After swapping blowjobs, Alan and John got into a long fuck session with each one fucking the other's ass and holding the Fleshjack steady as the one getting fucked could plunge his dick in and out of this hot sex toy. (And if you've never tried one a Fleshjack, you should. Those things feel damned silky and fine on your cock.) And that, my little porn piggies, is how you salvage a threesome and turn it into a hot video.

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