Ray Diaz Is New Falcon / Raging Stallion Exclusive

Some guys know how to dream big. Supercute Ray Diaz had his sights set on being a porn star. "Ever since I started watching porn as a young guy, I was always envious of the hot guys in porn who were hitting it with equally attractive guys and getting paid to show it all off", says the latest Falcon/RSS exclusive. "I was a skinny guy in my teens, and I recently decided to start working out and toning up. When I finally got in the best shape of my life, I mustered up the courage to start applying to different gay porn sites."

And the rest is history! Falcon/Raging Stallion was one of the studios that Ray submitted pics to. Soon enough, he was filming two scenes for the San Francisco-based companies. And on the basis of his work, Diaz was offered an exclusive contract.

"I never really expected to get a response from Falcon/Raging Stallion Studios," Diaz continues, "and I was elated to just shoot one scene with them, but never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be asked to come back as an exclusive. It was one of the most exciting surprises of my life, and I am looking forward to creating the hottest possible scenes with the most amazing models and crew."

Diaz's debut scene with Levi Madison is currently streaming on the FalconStudios.com site. Next up, a duo with fellow exclusive Paddy O'Brian. (Btw, if you join now, the studio has a special offer for you. Just use promo code RAYDIAZ.) His first DVD, out later this year, will be for the studio's Jocks imprint, and he's also been cast in a number of upcoming productions.

In a press release, the studio notes Diaz's "athletic smooth body, including a great dick and muscled ass, which comes in handy for a primarily bottom performer." We had a feeling. And from the way he hungrily deep throats Madison and snowballs his jizz, it looks like Diaz is on his way to making all his porn star dreams come true! For more information, visit RagingStallion.com.

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