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Anthony: How did you get into the adult industry? Who approached you - or who did you approach - and what made you decide to go for it?

Ray Diaz: I started webcamming a year and a half ago and I was pretty good at it. I loved the attention and kept being told by customers and friends that I should do porn since I was such a huge exhibitionist. One day I decided to finally apply on a few sites, one of which was Falcon.com and was shocked when they responded! Imagine my surprise when I was offered an exclusive deal after my first scene with them.

Anthony: What was it like doing your first porn shoot - scary, interesting, sexy? - and what's different for you about doing porn now that you have experience?

Ray Diaz: My first scene ever was with Arpad Miklos and I was really lucky to be paired with such a gorgeous man, inside and out. He made everything comfortable and showed me the ropes on that shoot with OnTheHunt. He also fucked the HELL out of me. It's also where I found out that there are a lot of guys who love to watch a guy gag on a big dick. I have a gag reflex and have to work hard when deep throating, but I love every inch of it :-)

The biggest thing I've learned since that shoot is that while it's a job, having some chemistry goes a long way to making the scene as hot as it is fun. It's just like sex without cameras: the better the verbal and nonverbal communication, the better the sex. What's amazing is finding that chemistry with Gay4Pay guys. Paddy O'Brian, for example, is an amazing actor and knows how to fuck as well as kiss. I owe him a lot for guiding me in my first Falcon scene.

Anthony: Are there any videos you've made, or directors or performers you've worked with who stand out for you, and can you tell us about them?

Ray Diaz: I've been incredibly fortunate to work primarily with Falcon Studios because every single partner I've had has been a guy from my dreams. Paddy O'Brian, Jimmy Durano, Trystan Bull, Woody Fox... Yum, yum, yum, and yum. I have to say, though, the scene coming out around the corner with Ryan Rose is one I'm DYING to see. His dick milked crazy amounts of precum from me and I cannot wait to see it on camera! That was some of the hottest sex I've ever had.

Anthony: If you had to thank one person in the adult industry for helping with your career, who would it be, and can you tell us why?

Ray Diaz: One of my favorite photographers ever to work with, Kent Taylor. Not only did he coach me like a pro during shoots, but he talked to me at length after each shoot and made me feel comfortable and confident in myself. If it wasn't for him, I would have never built the backbone I have today and it transfers from porn to my day life as well.

Anthony: What's the funniest or weirdest thing that's ever happened to you during a shoot or during sex?

Ray Diaz: One of the funniest things that's happened to me has to be in my upcoming scene with Ryan Rose. In the cum shot, I was getting fucked in the piledriver position. As Ryan fucked the huge load out of me, I had realized we had fucked so hard that the carpet beneath us had shifted and I was no longer propped against the stone fireplace. No, we had now shifted across the middle of the room and we were so into it, we had no idea LoL. After the camera stopped rolling, I just sat there in amazement how in had moved 10 feet and not even realized it!!

Anthony: What do you do when you're not shooting porn? Got any hobbies, favorite TV shows, websites or things you like to read?

Ray Diaz: I'm a musician at heart, so I still play my classical music. If you're ever in DC and you hear Mozart's Flute Concerto in G blaring from an apartment downtown, you might be hearing me ;-)

I'm also a huge computer nerd and love computer games. Whether it's StarCraft 2 or SimCity, you'll find me playing them on a rainy weekend.

Oh... And if anyone can make me feel better about what happened in the Red Wedding episode of Game of Thrones, it'd be much appreciate!

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Anthony: What advice would you give a newbie who's just starting in the industry - any suggestions on what to do or what to avoid?

Ray Diaz: Yes! Never take ANYTHING you read to heart! This is probably the biggest source of self hate and drama in the industry. You have to remember that everyone has a favorite flavor, everyone has a favorite brand name, and everyone has a favorite porn star. Just like many Apple users hate Android and vice versa, there are people who will love you and hate you, just because you look different than their ideal guy, so never take the criticism to heart.

If you get lucky enough to get a gig, always rile yourself up (don't jerk off for a couple days!) and above all, have fun. You're getting paid to fuck gorgeous men who other guys would kill to have sex with. If you're never having fun filming, get out of the industry fast! You don't want to hate what you do because eventually you'll start to hate yourself. Make sure to remind yourself of that. But just think: you'll have that hot video to jerk off to in your golden years ;-)

Anthony: Do your friends or family know you're a pornstar? If so, how did they react when they found out? If not, how do you think they'll react when they find out?

Ray Diaz: Most of them know and they just want to make sure I'm happy and safe. All of my friends know that I'm a completely open book about it. I love answering questions about it and many of them love to learn about it. There are always so many questions and it's fun to answer them. It's also fun seeing their reaction when they find out because I'm a pretty introverted guy when I'm not Ray Diaz.

My best friend, Destiny B. Childs, always freaks out when a mailer from Falcon arrives at her house and she tweets me about it, LoL.

Anthony: What's in store for you in the future - any projects on the way? Will you still be in porn in 5 years, and if so, will you still be a performer or do you plan to be doing something else?

Ray Diaz: Well, I've decided to start webcamming a little more, so if you want to take control of me or have me take control of you sometime, keep an eye out for that ;-)

I love traveling and letting my inner extrovert have his time in the sun with porn. I also love how I feel motivated to work out and eat healthy. Being Ray Diaz has been a life changing experience and I wouldn't take it back in a million years. I've become a stronger, smarter, and above all, happier person because of porn.

Porn and performing will probably never be my career, but I don't see myself giving it up unless I stop having the time to do it. The extra money is a bonus, but the real value is what I mentioned above.

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Anthony: Where can fans find you and follow you on the web?

Ray Diaz: First off, I'm always flattered by the guys who take the time to read about me. I never imagined I would have so many beautiful fans! If you want to see and hear more from me, make sure to like my Facebook page and my Twitter page.

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