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raw TOP is a blog I have always enjoyed since I was asked earlier to review it. The honesty of the author and his passionate sexuality just scream from the screen as he describes his very literal entertainments - where he met the guys, how it all transpires, the details of the sex itself and some great personal descriptions of people and events. An excellent writer who somehow manages to project a truly palpable lustiness onto sexual happenings is beyond cool. I actually believe much of that is his blatant honesty and that in itself is quite inspiring. We all gain watching someone reasonably fearless - or so I have always imagined. And you also have to like some other aspects: this is a guy who counts the "loads" he delivers. This year, it appears he gone and 'handed out', as it were, 41 loads, or, as he says, "(plus the ones where I can't quite tell if I came)"!! That's funny, hot and brutally informative in any world. This fellow enjoys sex and he speaks of it as if one were his friend and 'confidant'. There is simply something hugely appealing about a man who shares details of his life this openly and who appears so eager for fucking at the same time. It's such n assurance and a level of confidence and secure self-knowledge, that one can gain from even just the literate part of this well-written and entertaining blog.

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