Ravings Of A Young Pup

The Ravings Of A Young Pup are mainly about a 23 year old guy who is into BDSM and chastity - male chastity, that is. He's certainly a guy who takes his role and role-playing seriously. The blog, though not completely up to date when I saw it, was full of images of penis denial, or male chastity, with all kinds of contraptions in use to control a man's dick. There were chances for us readers to say how long the Pup kept his penis under lock and key, and there were many images of just this kind of master and slave denial. These were mixed in with other images of guys being 'pups' and dogs, and being tied and bound and kept on the leash, literally.

What was also good about the posts was that some were Q&A style. There is a page where you can ask a question and I browsed through to find several that were from beginners; people who were interested in the fetish but not sure where to start. And the answers were good, full of advice and solid. Let's hope that he's out of kennels and back into posting soon, as the most recent post was a few weeks old when I saw the blog.

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