No, not me, though I bet many may think so. I just don't understand the hatred there is out there for Gays & Lesbians. I really don't get Hate, actually. Oh I know I dislike certain people, ideas, concepts, but Hate? No I don't think I really can hate.

Yet so many seem to do just that, especially when it comes to Homosexuality. A well noted Author was to speak at a school district, and parents objected, because he was Gay, was going to talk about how to survive bullying if you are Gay, and how to cope with it.

Now these parents have a right to object, they can pull their kids from attending, but it isn't that they objected to it, it is how so many have responded to the story that is, well sad. How so many adults claim that my sexual orientation is, well, a mental disorder at best.

We have all heard the arguments against who we are, so no sense in rehashing that, but it is the tone that gets me wondering, what is going on? Is it the economy but then again, the economy hasn't been this bad for long. It has only surfaced lately, in the media, so it can't be that. The Republicans and our Conservatives have gained power, largely in part to their derision & attacks against those who support our desire for equality, so it isn't really economic related. So why all the hate today?

Who did we piss of so much, that they have gathered a coalition of normal rational people, and gotten them to look at us, and suddenly want to kill us, throw us into the garbage heap like so much trash? What has them so frightened of people like my wife, David? I mean he is the sweetest guy I know, who would go out of his way to not hurt anyone, so why do so many who don't know him, hate him?

Sure, we tend to congregate with our own kind, but is that wrong? Is it that we don't get out into the straight community as much as we should, or is it that the straight community really makes it dangerous to do so? I listen to the comments on the story about this author, and I get depressed, sad even, which makes me wonder, what is happening to us? I mean we see this, then turn around and pick on Transsexuals because they are different than us, caught halfway between us and the majority. I don't get it, how can we, an oppressed group object to someone else who is different?

Yet in History, a lot of what we object to today, such as Homosexuality, such as being a transvestite, were common in ancient times, but we call ourselves the 'civilized society' and I wonder, are we?

I would stand side by side with the likes of Reverend Phelps from Kansas, to defend his right to speak his words of hate, of intolerance, of racism, that he preaches, and I think a lot of us would, simply because how else can our own voices be heard? Who is anyone, to deny others the right to speak, simply because what they say, we are determined to oppose? Yet that is exactly what these people are doing. They say we are evil, say we are sinners, mental, sick, perverted, and so we don't deserve the same rights, and that baffles me.

Whatever happened to the idea of the Brotherhood of Man? When did it die out? I know, porn is supposed to be about the enjoyment of sex, but is it that, or is it perhaps a desire to escape the daily grind of racism and prejudices? And is it a real escape or is it just a fantasy we have conjured up, to keep ourselves from addressing those who hate?

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