Raphael Perez appears to be a very versatile and flexible artist. From erotic gay drawings, naive paintings all the way into photograhic art, Raphael seems to have most mediums covered. It would also seem that he's been at it for quite some time which is evident by the number of pieces displayed here. The creator is not afraid to use bright colors and what he does with them is nothing short of extraordinary. An unknowing person might pick up that the artist is gay

from the color schemes and abstract like portrayals of men. However, the work is far from effeminate. In fact, it evokes a unique mixture of gentleness, happiness and strong masculinity. Our society likes to paint a picture of gay men being animalistic and horrificly perverted. Raphael's artwork paints a completely different image. He shows society that we are just humans who prefer to love members of the same sex. His expression is beautiful, truthful and surreal.

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