It's getting to be that spooky season, and the Randy Blue site has released its annual Halloween episode. This year, "The Twilight Hole" finds adorable newcomer Andres Moreno playing a typical straight businessman (despite his pierced nipple and tattoos) who is mysteriously drawn to cock after inheriting a flashy watch from a dead uncle (who happens to have lived in queer capital San Francisco). Once he puts on the magical timepiece, Moreno leaves his wife at home and drives to the local public men's room, where beefy Kurtis Wolfe beckons him into a seedy bathroom stall for some hot man sex (which is shot in moody black and white). There's sucking, rimming and fucking galore in this entertaining gay porn parody. And once Andres enters the Twilight Hole (and eats Wolfe's cum), it doesn't look like he ever wants to leave. Happy Halloweenie! For more information, visit Randy Blue.

Twilight Hole Randy Blue

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