Randy Blue

Kevin Falk from Randy Blue is bisexual. Thus, he really gets into sex, no matter who it's with. Derrek Diamond happened to see Kevin's photo laying on Randy's desk. After inquiring who the gorgeous hung man was and begging to meet him, they introduced Derrek to Kevin. Far be it for them to turn away a hungry bottom. These guys really went at it. As soon as they met, Derrek went down on Kevin's enormous cock, using his hand to work the extra girth that he can't possibly fit into his mouth. Kevin is that huge! But Derrek does an excellent job of taking that monster as deep down his throat as he possibly can. Kevin reciprocates with a blowjob that gets Derreck primed and ready for a good ass pounding. When he fucks Derrek's ass he does it with mucho attitude. Like Derrek is his plaything and of course Derrek eats it right up. The cumshots they depart with are sensational! Randy Blue at their finest!

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