Randy Blue Hunks Do Moby

Last year some of the studliest hunks from Randy Blue lip-synced their hot asses off to one of the campest tracks of 2011: Kylie's "Get Outta My Way". It was truly an internet sensation, and of course every gay all over the world was dripping with desire! DUH!

Well, this year the hunks are back at it again, and this time they are not lip-syncing but just giving some mega "I wanna stick my cock up your ass" faces, and I have to say they are truly working for me! From Jayden Tyler to Chris Rockway, there are over 30 - yes 30! - hunks in this video and it truly is smokin'.

So here are the boys set to the tune of Moby's "Oh Yeah". Seriously, this proves you don't need to see hard cocks spewing bucket loads of cum to get turned on. O.K, O.K That's not always true, but trust me the video is pretty caliente. ENJOY!

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