Randy Blue Goes Bareback Randy Blue Goes Bareback

Randy Blue has finally turfed condoms and gone bareback. Without any fanfare or press releases, yesterday's scene "Dominic Santos Gets Barebacked by Jordan Levine" appeared on the homepage. In the graphic, Dominic Santos is holding his legs in the air and Jordan Levine is steering his big, bare cock towards Dominic's hole; a small red rectangle in the top left corner of the image says "BAREBACK." And that's that, Randy Blue has joined the overwhelming number of sites filming bareback sex. Come inside and see the previews.

Rumours have been flying around for over a week about Randy Blue going bareback, but the release of yesterday's Santos-Levine scene confirms it. Santos and Levine are playing roommates and a broken-hearted Santos needs consoling because he's just split up with his boyfriend. He's depressed and wandering around the apartment in a jockstrap and eating ice cream. So Levine comes to the rescue and drags Santos out of the kitchen and into the bedroom. The scene moves from tender kissing and caressing to hard pounding and deep thrusting.

I don't know whether Randy Blue will be releasing bareback scenes from hereon or whether they'll be mixing them with condom scenes. Rumours are flying around Pornland that Randy Blue exclusive Austin Wolf has jumped shipped because of the raw filming, but Wolf's Twitter feed isn't confirming or denying it. Randy Blue's next update happens on Friday, March 13, so we'll keep you posted.

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